Food Fun


Taught by:    Ms. Turpin & Ms. Pailthorpe


This class is offered as three different sessions.  Recipes and activities will vary, so each session will differ.  This means that your camper can sign up for all three classes and try different recipes!

Each class is a fun filled, fast paced, hands-on introduction to food safety and cooking that takes place in our HTMS Café.  We will cover Kitchen Safety basics before making a variety of age appropriate recipes.  Our goals are to promote cooking skills and confidence in the kitchen. We will make several dishes each day while keeping them middle school taste friendly.

Some examples of dishes we may make are:  Homemade Bread, South American Empanadas, French Toast Casserole, Healthy Fruit Smoothies, Italian Marinara, Scratch Mac & Cheese, Pretzel Bark, Asian Spring Rolls, Homemade Frosting, etc.  Each session will offer a full spectrum of recipes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Side Items, Easy Snacks, and Simple Desserts.

Campers will be taught meal planning in addition to food as gifts and creating dishes for everyday or special occasions. You’ll get to taste the culinary treats that your camper creates at the end of each day and at the end of the camp, they will bring home a recipe book that they have created!  Cooking can be messy…dress accordingly.

Class Capacity: 10 students   

Cost includes additional $25.00 fee for supplies


Week 1: June 8-11 AM, Week 1: June 8-11 PM, Week 2: June 15-18 AM