Projects Funded

And Many More ...

New Auditorium Curtains

It’s Show Time! The Husky Foundation is thrilled to provide brand-new stage curtains and all the electronic mechanisms, so we are stage ready for many years of school performances and events to come.

Campus Outdoor LED Display Digital Billboard

HTMS outdoor LED signage was an addition purchased to provide a graphical communication bridge between the school and surrounding communities. It was a much-needed upgrade from the outdated digital sign.

The visibility of this new digital screen effectively communicates to parents, students, teachers, and nearby neighborhoods with important dates, upcoming events, Partners In Technology recognition, and shows our school’s spirit.


Laptop Lab

Our lab is equipped with state of the art laptops which empowers HTMS students to breeze through demanding school assignments, projects and various endeavors. When not in use, all are stored in the laptop cart stationed at the end of the lab.


Spin Lab

Our indoor lab has the latest cycling equipment. A large digital screen provides HTMS students with a real life environment.

The bikes are part of the school’s new spin lab — a place where students come during their P.E. time and learn how to exercise and get their heart rates up on stationary bicycles, just like in a spin class.


Campus Outdoor LED Display Digital Billboard

We have a high quality LED sign that provides our parents, students, teachers and community with valuable information.



Nothing is better than relaxing while learning in a great outdoor theatre atmosphere in a warm spring season or a cool fall season.

Our unique setting of outdoor classrooms breaks away the walls and lets HTMS students experience learning in the open air environment.


Maker Space Window

Our maker space is a place in which students can gather and share ideas, knowledge, and work on projects. The new large window provides even more safety for our students.

Learning Commons Update

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success” —–Henry Ford The goal for the updates to the Learning Commons was to create a flexible instructional area that supports collaborative learning and mobile technology.  The new furniture will aid in easy transitions between whole and small-group instruction. In addtion, the updates included all new wiring to support the laptop bars/station are some of the updates that are not visible in pictures.

Guidance Office Furniture

The natural color pallet conference table magnificently sets a welcoming tone in our Conseling Suite providing an inviting atmosphere to all visitors.

To ensure a seamless assistance from all counselors to their visitor, we wired the entire office to provide all essential needs. 

IXL Math/ELA/Training

2020-2021 is an unprecedented time due to COVID-19 where all of our students were remote learners for a few months. The goal of purchasing IXL online licenses for all HTMS students provided flexible instructional learning and supplement the current curriculum for all of our students.

In addition, all teachers were trained to fully utilize this educational software.

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Online License

2020-2021 is an unprecedented time due to COVID-19 where all of our students were remote learners for a few months. The goal to purchase 200 subscriptions to use TI-84 Plus CE online graphical calculator for a year was to provide remote and F2F students access to learning tools without needing the physical calculator.

Goals for 2023 - 2024

  • Renewal of Student Academic Software Membership (Math, ELA & Special Ed)
  • Provides Academic Enrichment Programs, such as Reality U, Academic Habits, and etc.
  • Provides Vex Robotics Program
  • Investments in School Technology

Additional Projects

  • Teacher Welcome Breakfast
  • Sneak-a-Peek/Back-to-School