Hightower Trail Middle School
Husky Foundation



The HTMS Husky Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide funding for needed programs and facilities which enhance the educational experience at Hightower Trail Middle School and which are not currently paid by Cobb County, the state, or the PTSA.


Annual Donations from HTMS Families & Fund Raising Events & Sponsored Foundation Clubs enable the HTMS Husky Foundation to supplement the school. The requested donation is $125 per kid, but any amount will have a lasting impact on HTMS students.


HTMS Husky Foundation’s goal is to create various STEAM opportunities, on-campus safety for students to expand their middle school experiences.

STEAM = Science x Technology x Engineering x Arts x Math

HTMS Husky Foundation

Hightower Trail Middle School
3905 Post Oak Tritt Road
Marietta, GA 30062