Successful Skills for Middle School

1/14/2020 - 5/14/2020

Develop good work habit
Get Organized
Time Management
Study Plan Strategies
Social Skills


This Program is designed to help students develop the Acadmic, and Time Management skills they need to achieve academic success.



Offered to all HTMS enrolled students.


HTMS Learning Commons


Hours of the program

4:15pm to 6:00 p.m. Every Tuesday and Thursday that school is in session.

Tuition fees

$199.00 (per student/full quarter session)


Downloadable Program Coming Soon

Program schedule will be as follows:


Students will report to the Media Center to get organized and have a snack (that you provide).


Structured class to teach Students how to develop organization skills, effective time management strategies, test/quiz preparation, teacher resources/blogs, best approach to long term assignments/projects, etc.

Please read carefully the terms and conditions that apply to this program.

  1. This is a PREPAID program. Tuition cannot be refunded as the faculty will hire and pay counselors based upon the initial registration numbers.
  2.  Payment must be received at least one week prior to the start date listed above.
  3. The hours of the program are from 4:15pm to 6:00 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday that school is in session. 
  4. A late fee of $1.00 per minute per child will be charged for every minute past 6:00 pm according to the school clock. 
  5. All Cobb County School District policies in the student handbook apply and must also be followed. Students may be withdrawn from the program for nonpayment of tuition/fees, discipline problems, three or more late pick-ups after 6:00pm or at the principal’s discretion. 
  6. In case of an emergency, if the parents/guardians cannot be reached, the school will contact the persons listed on file with the school.

2020 Spring Registration Form

1/14/2020 – 5/14/2020 

Student Information

Parents Information